Business Bankruptcy Newport Beach, CA

Business Bankruptcy: Chris brings a unique combination of skills, knowledge and experience to the solution of Business Bankruptcy issues. Chris’s has the confidence and the courtroom skills to win in court, honed over 3 decades as a litigator and civil trial attorney. Many bankruptcy attorneys have never tried a civil case to judgment and therefore don’t have the will or the skill to fight protracted battles. Chris’s ability to dominate his opponents often convinces them to give up the fight, but when the only alternative is to try a case, Chris is up to the task.

Chris’s experience as a negotiator and mediator give him the ability to head off protracted litigation and craft efficient cooperative solutions. Before becoming a lawyer, Chris obtained a master’s degree in business and worked in the manufacturing industry for nearly a decade. His experience navigating and solving the real-world problems that businesses face, give him a greater understanding of the complex financial and practical challenges faced by businesses, especially those that need to reorganize under chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code.

Chris has extensive experience in all aspects and phases of business bankruptcy cases. He has confirmed chapter 11 plans on behalf of both debtors and creditors. He has successfully prosecuted and defended multi-party multi-million-dollar litigation and asset purchases. Whatever involvement you may have in a business bankruptcy, either as a creditor, a potential purchaser of assets from an insolvent company, a target of litigation, or top management of a debtor contemplating filing a chapter 11 case, Chris can help you achieve optimal results.