Newport Beach Receiverships

Receiverships: A Receiver sale is an alternative to enforcing money judgments by an execution sale conducted by your local Sheriff. Mr. Blank has served as a court appointed receiver in many cases, managing and selling assets as diverse as an operating surgery center, an exotic car collection, a multi-million-dollar coastal residence, and other real estate assets. Unlike many other court-appointed receivers, Chris accepts receivership appointments on a commission, rather than an hourly-plus-expenses basis, bringing cost control and predictability to the process. With court approval, Chris has taken properties that are over-encumbered and successfully marketed and sold them free and clear of all liens, leading to substantial recovery by creditors.

If you or your clients hold money judgments against judgment debtors who have unique or difficult to sell assets, even if those assets are over-encumbered, contact Chris today to see if a receivership sale free and clear of liens may be a viable alternative means to maximize your recovery.