Business Litigation attorney Newport Beach CA

Business Litigation: Mr. Blank has over three decades of experience as a business trial lawyer. He understands his clients’ needs and goals, realizing that their number one goal is to WIN. He also understands that the best “wins” are accomplished quickly, cost effectively, and with finality. Chris employs strategies designed to achieve all four of these goals. He works collaboratively with each of his clients to provide them with a realistic assessment of the strengths and challenges of their case. He assists clients in telling their story in the most compelling way. Often, he convinces opponents to give up the fight and resolve disputes by agreement. When an agreement cannot be reached, preparation becomes vital. Chris masters the evidence and legal authorities for trial to maximize their persuasive power.

Over the years, Chris has handled many types of business disputes, including matters in the following categories:

  • Partnership and Corporate Dissolutions
  • Real Estate Purchase and Sale
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Guarantee Liability
  • Real Property Foreclosure
  • Equipment Leasing
  • Personal Property Retrieval and Foreclosure
  • Usury
  • Collections

If you have a business issue, contact Chris today to get an honest assessment of your case, and to develop the necessary strategies for success!