“I just finished reading the materials you distributed last week at your presentation to the Pepperdine University Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution Inn of Court. You put on a terrific program—interesting new ideas regarding mediation strategies which led to some good discussion. I really enjoyed the interactive approach.”

Nancy L. Vanderlip
Attorney at Law

“I have used Chris Blank for 2 bankruptcy mediation matters in the past year. Chris has all the qualities I look for in a mediator. He concisely describes the ground rules to both sides, makes the parties and lawyers feel at ease, and understands that parties sometimes need to vent their emotions to facilitate the negotiations. He is thorough, patient, really listens and offers his opinions (without being overbearing) as to the pros and cons of each side, taking into account the costs of litigation, likelihood of success at trial and chances of recovery on judgment.
Chris knows the law, reads the mediation briefs and is interested gaining the color and nuances of a case which come to light in speaking with the parties and counsel. Lastly, he really cares about reaching a deal, works to get the parties to come to a consensus and is willing to go the extra mile get the matter resolved. Highly recommended.”

Michael Chekian, Esq.

“In my career in real estate over the past 40 years I have retained many attorneys. Without doubt Christopher Blank is by far the most professional that I have ever used. In addition to his comprehensive understanding of the law. He is a very tough negotiator while at the same time he is always working towards a settlement.

With Chris you always know exactly where you stand and I can honestly say
"If you want the very best call Chris Blank". ”

Keith B. Smith

Managing Member, Dove Street Capital Lenders, LLC, Newport Beach, CA

“Chris Blank and I worked on a multi-faceted mediation and arbitration, the outcome of which could have significantly limited the development potential of $325 million project. He understood the larger strategic imperatives of the various disputes we needed to resolve, advised our firm to think several steps ahead in the process and ultimately helped guide us to a number of successful awards that allowed the project to move forward as intended.

Chris brings a realistic and balanced perspective to the mediation and arbitration process that I believe our neutrals appreciated and helped make their decisions to award us easier and with great results. It was clear to us, the opposing party and the neutrals that Chris had a command of the case that was hard to dispute, and that he sought and won the awards that the cases merited." ”

Ben Besley