Civil mediation in Newport Beach CA can technically be initiated at any point in the proceeding, including before a case has even officially been filed. There are pros and cons to starting the process of civil mediation in Newport Beach CA at different times as well as different reasons why a party may decide to participate in the process at these times.

Before a Lawsuit Is Filed

Mediation is a confidential process. By enacting this process as early as possible, information is shielded from the public. If mediation commences before a lawsuit is filed, the parties can take part in this process without any exposure to the public. Additionally, settling the case early on can prevent the parties from paying out a sizable amount in legal costs and fees.

Before Trial

Another prime time for negotiations during mediation is before trial. At this point, the parties may have completed discovery and have a firmer grasp on the potential strengths and weaknesses of their case. The parties may prefer to make their own decisions rather than hand this power over to a jury.

Before a Verdict

After the trial but before a decision is reached, the parties may have the best understanding of how they did. The parties may be able to come to a settlement without exposing them to the possibility of a verdict that is not in their favor. Juries often come to unexpected decisions so the parties may want to make a final attempt to negotiate the case to avoid surprises.