While it is probably safe to assume that most people are not eager to enter into a legal battle, for individuals or businesses involved in a legal dispute, it may seem like the only option. However, taking into consideration court costs, attorney’s fees, and the years it often takes for litigation to get resolved in the court system, filing a lawsuit doesn’t seem like the most efficient method for settling claims. Fortunately, civil mediation in Newport Beach California provides an alternative dispute resolution method where disputing parties can reach a settlement agreement without resorting to the adversarial legal system. Contact a local civil mediator for more information about civil mediation in Newport Beach California.

Civil mediation is a non-adversarial, voluntary and confidential out-of-court procedure for resolving disputes. Mediation involves the use of a neutral third-party mediator who promotes productive communications among parties to a dispute with the goal of helping them reach a mutually agreeable resolution. The mediator does not render a final decision about the issues in dispute like a judge or jury in a traditional court case. Rather, control over the outcome of the mediation in placed squarely in the hands of the parties themselves, who are free to devise a settlement agreement specifically tailored the needs of their situation. Once the mediating parties reach a settlement, it is then memorialized in writing, becoming legally binding to all the parties involved.

Meditator fees can be split between the mediating parties who are not required to hire their own attorneys, although they are free to do so if they wish. Civil mediation has become an increasingly more popular method for settling legal disputes because it tends to be a so much more cost-effective than going to court, not to mention less stressful and time-consuming.