Civil mediation in Newport Beach California helps parties involved in a civil dispute creates a settlement agreement that is mutually agreeable. Civil mediation in Newport Beach California can be used in any case that involves monetary damages, such as personal injury cases, business litigation, employment disputes, and other such claims. If civil mediation has been scheduled in your case, you should feel relief, as it is very likely that your case may settle at mediation. How can you prepare for mediation so that you can focus on settling your case?

The goal of civil mediation is settlement. The mediator will ask the parties what it is they want out of the case, and will help them find ways to compromise so that an agreement may be reached. Therefore, you have to know what you want out of your case for mediation to be successful. Make a list of your goals, no matter how big or small they may be, and take these with you to mediation.

It is important to remain flexible during civil mediation. Whereas you must know your goals, you must also be open to a few different settlement options. If you enter mediation with one resolution in mind, chances are, you will walk away without an agreement.

Make sure that you review all of the legal documents that have been filed in your case, as well as your own personal notes. A fact that was seemingly unimportant several months ago may be essential to your settlement negotiations.