Civil mediation in Newport Beach California provides many benefits to the parties involved in a civil dispute. Civil mediation in Newport Beach California is an out-of-court process that encourages the parties to compromise and work out a settlement agreement. During civil mediation, the parties are in control over the fate of the case, as the mediator’s job is to help the parties create an agreement, as opposed to deciding any issues for them.

The goal of mediation is settlement, as opposed to a trial, which focuses on a winning party and a losing party. For individuals who wish to preserve their relationship, such as those involved in business arrangements, for example, mediation is an excellent resource. Since the parties focus on a solution rather than assigning blame, they are often able to maintain their relationships, whether professional or personal.

Many civil cases also involve personal issues. For example, personal injury cases fall under the umbrella of civil litigation. During these cases, an injured party’s medical records and medical history must be carefully examined. Rather than submitting these documents to a judge and jury for their review, mediation allows only the parties and the mediator to review these personal items. Mediation is a much more private process, as opposed to the courtroom. Testimony taken and items submitted as evidence during a trial become public record, a fact that is unnerving for many.

In conclusion, if you are involved in civil litigation, consider mediation for a more peaceful resolution to the case.