Civil mediation in Newport Beach California is a form of alternative dispute resolution that helps parties avoids expensive court battles by focusing on how they can resolve the matter without the court’s intervention. Civil mediation in Newport Beach California is relied upon in a variety of situations, including helping with family law issues, business disputes, partnership disputes, probate disputes and many other legal issues.

Mediation is a voluntary process. Both parties agree to come together during one or more mediation sessions. The session is led by a third party neutral called the mediator. This individual does not have authority over the parties to impose any type of order. Instead, he or she helps the parties communicate better and navigate a legal issue so that they can hopefully agree on a solution.

Mediation is different than litigation, which is by nature an adversarial process. The parties share information with the mediator who funnels information and suggestions back and forth between the parties. By talking to the mediator, the parties can develop a better understanding of potential weaknesses in their case and the potential outcome they would have if they pursued litigation. Additionally, the parties are able to vent to the mediator and receive validation from him or her without worrying about jeopardizing a settlement with the other party.

If the parties agree on a solution, it is formalized in a mediation agreement. However, if they do not agree, they can continue the case as a litigated matter if they choose to do so. However, they cannot repeat anything spoken during mediation since it is a confidential process.