Civil mediation in Newport Beach California is an alternative to litigation that can be used in any number of contexts, including family disputes, neighbor disputes and business disputes. Parties who do not want to have a judge or jury decide the case are empowered to reach their own resolution through civil mediation in Newport Beach California.

Civil mediation begins by an agreement between the parties. Mediation is a voluntary process. The parties get to decide if they want to participate in it. They also get to decide who they will use as a mediator.
Once this selection is made, the mediator will take steps to learn about the case. He or she may ask the parties or their attorney to provide a brief regarding the legal issue that is in dispute and the facts surrounding the case. This provides an important background for the mediator.

Once the parties arrive at mediation, the mediator explains his or her role as a neutral person who helps facilitate communication between the parties. He or she does not represent either party, but he or she is barred from disclosing confidential communications that transpires at mediation. He or she explains the process of mediation and its benefits, including allowing the parties to settle their own dispute in the matter that they see fit.

The mediator may talk to each party separately and learn about his or her interests. He or she uses conflict resolution skills to get the parties to see the case from another perspective to help the parties reach common ground and a settlement.