Business litigation in Newport Beach California may drag on for several months, or even years. Many parties involved in such cases cannot contemplate why in what seemed to be a straightforward dispute ended up taking so long to finalize. Unfortunately, business litigation in Newport Beach California may be impacted by a number of factors, each of which can add months to the conclusion of the case.

In business litigation, certain business entities may be accused of wrongdoing. Businesses that may knowingly be engaged in such wrongdoing often dissolve and reincorporate under a different name, making them difficult to identify and track down. Before a lawsuit can be filed, one must know the proper defendants to name in the suit. Additionally, once a case is filed, there are certain deadlines by which the defendants must be served with notice of the suit. Therefore, being unable to identify or locate a defendant can add months to a case’s timeline.

Business litigation often requires taking depositions of a number of parties and witnesses. With several parties and their attorneys involved, scheduling a single deposition may be difficult. Imagine how long it would take to complete a dozen depositions in such a case.

However, mediation is available to help the parties resolve these disputes more quickly. During mediation, the parties meet with a mediator to create a settlement agreement that suits their needs. Mediation has been successful in numerous cases, and may shave several months off of the time it takes to resolve a case.