When parties encounter a legal issue, their first instinct may be to file a lawsuit. However, civil mediation in Newport Beach CA has many advantages, not the least of which is the ability to save time and money. Before making the rash decision to litigate, consider civil mediation in Newport Beach CA as an alternative. Use these strategies to gain clarity on the issues.

Think about the Big Picture

Sometimes lawsuits are filed as an emotional reaction to an otherwise small problem. You may want to get back at someone for doing you wrong. However, think about what you really hope to accomplish. Sometimes, you may want the party to admit wrongdoing and then move forward with you in business. This may not be an option if you sue the other party.

Get Advice

Review any applicable agreements related to the controversy. You may have a purchase agreement, license agreement, partnership agreement or shareholder agreement that discusses the obligations of the parties and what they should do if a specific type of problem arises. Read through these agreements and get advice from a business lawyer regarding the enforceability of these agreements.

Consider the Worst Case Scenario

Imagine that the worst possible scenario plays out in litigation. For some cases, this may mean losing. In other cases, it may mean that your intellectual property is not actually protected, leaving you vulnerable to further attack. Before making the step to litigate the case, consider whether another forum may help you accomplish your goals while minimizing your risk.