Civil mediation in Newport Beach California is a non-binding process in which a highly trained and experienced mediator facilitates effective communication between all parties, guiding and encouraging them to work together to come up with a solution that will benefit everybody. One of the core aims of civil mediation in Newport Beach California is to allow all parties to have the freedom to speak their mind at all times and to air their questions and concerns, as well as to put forward any suggestions for resolution that they may have.

In the vast majority of matters, civil mediation allows the parties to work together to devise a solution in a fraction of the time that a court-run, litigated matter would take to resolve, and at a fraction of the cost. For this reason, mediation can be all but life-changing for the parties, saving them years of protracted court appearances and hefty legal fees.

But even in the rare instances when civil mediation does not conclude in an effective resolution for the conflict at hand, the process itself will not have been wasted. Due to the method behind the mediation process itself, after mediation, both parties will have a good sense of the other party’s case, allowing the resulting litigated matter to move forward expeditiously. In other instances, the mediation itself can often form the basis of a negotiated agreement between the parties at a later stage.