Professional malpractice mediation in Newport Beach California often involves medical malpractice, with patients unhappy with the level of care that they have received from their medical practitioner. While some people who sue their doctor for professional malpractice will do so with monetary gain as the primary objective, it has been shown that many times patients feel that they need to resort to bringing a lawsuit against their doctor simply so that they can find out what happened. In these instances, professional malpractice mediation in Newport Beach California can be the ideal way of opening up the lines of communication between doctor and patient.

In many instances where professional malpractice is a concern in a medical environment, doctors are discouraged from speaking with the patient or the patient’s family for fear that they will say something to incriminate themselves if the matter goes to trial. While there are obvious reasons for doctors taking this standpoint, unfortunately a lack of communication from the doctor involved can be enough to make the patient feel that they have no choice but to start legal proceedings in order to receive some form of communication from the doctor.

This is where mediation can play a vital role in resolving the conflict between doctor and patient. Mediation gathers all relevant parties together and assists them to communicate effectively and work towards a resolution that everyone will be happy with, which, for some patients, simply involves receiving answers to their questions.