Business litigation in Newport Beach California has the potential to cause great disruption to a business, its owners and staff. Additionally, it can lead to a tremendous financial burden, potentially putting the entire business at risk. When a business is confronted with business litigation in Newport Beach California, it is important for its owners and key executives to carefully consider their options.

In some situations, alternative dispute resolution may be the best solution. By using a process such as mediation, the parties can help get their professional relationship back on track through informal discussions. Mediation uses a third party neutral who is specifically trained in helping parties resolve conflicts to their mutual benefit and satisfaction.

Another form of alternative dispute resolution is arbitration. Arbitration is a confidential process in which the parties select a person, usually with specific knowledge and experience in the applicable area of law and industry involved, to decide the case. It works similarly to a court hearing, but the rules of evidence and discovery are often adapted to fit the parties’ preferences.

In some situations, the best course of action may be litigation. A business litigation attorney may be retained in order to provide advice and representation. If a business perceives that litigation is on the horizon, it is important for the owner to retain a lawyer experienced in litigation and with the actual cause of action that is at the heart of the matter. An attorney can discuss ways to safeguard the client’s legal and financial interests.