One of the key elements of civil mediation in Newport Beach CA is that the parties to a dispute need to participate wholeheartedly in the mediation process, otherwise the mediation is likely to fail. This is one of the main differences between civil mediation in Newport Beach CA and a matter being dealt with in the court system: many times parties feel like they are being “dragged” to court, and the court is free to impose judgments on people as it sees fit. With civil mediation, nothing can be imposed upon anyone, and the only agreements that are entered into are ones which are arrived at consensually by all parties.

For that reason, it is crucial that all parties (and their attorneys, if necessary) participate fully in the mediation process from start to finish. This includes assisting in planning the mediation process itself, and ensuring that they feel confident that they understand the process and the arguments that are being made at every step along the way.

It is also vitally important that every party to the mediation has someone present who can make a binding decision on that party’s behalf. If a party to the mediation is an individual, then that individual must be present at all stages of the mediation process. If a corporation is a party to the mediation, then an officer who has the requisite authority to bind the corporation must be present.

Civil mediation is an efficient, cost-effective alternative to litigation, as it allows all parties to settle the matter in a mutually beneficial way.