While many parties think that the only way to resolve a civil problem is to go through a lawsuit, civil mediation in Newport Beach California is an effective alternative. Civil mediation in Newport Beach California involves a meeting between the parties, their legal representatives if desired and a third party neutral who helps guide the parties through the process. This alternative is effective for several reasons, including:

Ability to Decrease the Temperature

Civil mediation is a cooperative process, unlike the adversarial nature of litigation. As such, it allows the parties to dial down the drama by recognizing the origin of the conflict and providing an amicable way for the parties to solve the underlying problems.

Enhanced Communication

Many parties involved in civil mediation are connected through an existing relationship. Civil mediation may involve parties who are business partners, employees and employers, business associates or family members. For many parties, being able to participate in the mediation process allows them to openly communicate with the other party and to preserve their relationships. It also provides a mechanism that they can turn to in the case that conflict arises again in the future.

Tailored Solutions

Through the process of mediation, parties attempt to resolve their issues by working together. The mediator helps uncover the needs of the parties and addresses these needs through guided conversations. While the parties may believe that they want two entirely different things, a mediator is often able to show them how they can align their interests. At the end of the process if the parties agree, they will have an agreement that is customized to their needs.